Cherry Bombs Lactation System

So you got your Cherry Bombs Lactation system and you want to know how it works?
Here is where you start!

Getting started!

-Find the object “The Succubus Lactation system” and Right click on it and select ADD from the dropdown.
-Make sure you are wearing your Cherry Bombs HUD version 0.04 or higher!
-Click on the Lactation Button on the HUD.

Hud Overview:

-Right fill and Left fill show the fill level of your breasts with the white fill level.
-You can click on the Left Or right breast in the Hud to show milk effects (as long as your breasts are not empty.. You can click on the BOTH area to make them both show effects (Remember Owner cannot effect the fill levels without a pump or by having someone else click your breasts)
-Stage shows you what stage your lactation system is currently on. Max Stage is Stage 10.
-Overfill Risk bar will start to fill if your breasts have not been milked after a long period of time. If you have not been milked long enough that your bar fills into the danger Zone you will drop a stage. So if your stage 10 you will drop to stage 9. (you cannot drop lower than stage 1.
-Stop all Effects will stop all the lactation effects immediately.
-Touch On/Off will turn on or off the ability to touch your breasts directly for others and yourself. This will also turn on or off the ability to touch any lactation addons such as pumps.

The Breasts:

-There are 3 touch zones Left, Right, and a zone in the middle for both when touching the breasts directly.
-Owner of the Lactation system can touch their own breasts. It will do the effects but it will not effect your level.
-You need a willing assistant to help touch your breasts to help you lower the fill on your breasts.
-Owner can only lower the fill level with pumps or other lactation addons that specify Owner drain.

How to use the system:

How do I go up stages?

-To go up a stage you need to drain BOTH breasts fully X amount of times. X is the level your trying to get to. So to get to level 2 you need to drain both of your breasts 2 times FULL to EMPTY.

Will the breasts refill on their own?

-Yes breasts will refill on their own.
-Speed of refill depends on the stage your on. Lower level stages take longer to refill. For example stage 1 takes about 3 hours to refill. higher stages take less time to refill.

Can I speed up the refill time?

-You can speed up the refill using Lactation pills (Check availability in the Cherry Bombs shop. To be released soon!)

Can I drain my breasts myself?

-No you cannot drain your breasts yourself without a pump. but you can trigger the effects of the level you’re on as long as your breasts are not empty.
-You CAN drain your breasts yourself if you have a Cherry Bombs lactation pump. (check the Cherry Bombs shop for release)

Can anyone help me drain my breasts?

-Yes anyone can help you drain your breasts if you have Touch On enabled in your HUD.

What happens when I go up stages?

– Every few stages you will get additional effects and much more visible milk.
-Stage 10 is the extreme level and will show all of the effects in one.


What does durability mean?

Durability is the amount of times you can pump before the pump breaks.

If my pump breaks how can I fix it and is it free?

Yes it is free to fix your pumps, simply go to: The Succubus

What is the pumping rating?

The higher the pumping rating the more milk the pump will pump from your breasts per click!


How do I use the pill?

To use the pill Wear it. Then click on it in your hand. BE SURE to also be wearing your lactation system! Then answer yes to use the pill on the menu popup.

What does effect mean?

The Higher the effect the more the pill will refill your breasts

How many uses does each pill have?

Each pill only has a one time use!

What happens if my breasts are almost full or are full and I use a high use pill?

The pill will still be used up, the pill will not exceed 100% fill. So be wise when using each pill. Your out of luck if you use a pill and your at 100% fill!

My pill isnt working what can I do?

Make sure you are on land that allows scripts. Make sure you are wearing your Lactation Base system not just the HUD. Lastly if your really stuck contact Cherry Hotaling. (Keep in mind if the script is deleted from the pill itself we cannot refund for that as it means it was used)

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