Boob Moves Breast Pose HUD

Boob Moves / Breast pose Photography HUD
Pose your breasts / boobs in multiple different positions.
Perfect for photographers and picture takers! Take sexy pictures with your breasts / boobs laying on their sides or have your breasts on the sides when laying on your back.
This is a must have for any professional or aspiring photographer!

Customers using the Hud in Action (Thank you to Jacky Mindes!):

Sexy Smooth AO Released! (Group Discount in world)

!!First of its Kind in SL!!

Every animation has breast / boobs Play/Movement in it.

Sexy Smooth Breast / boobs play Animation Override (AO)
This fun and sexy animation override comes with over 28 animations!
It has bento animation in it.
It has Breast / boobs animation in it (Never before seen in an AO!!)
A Full Typing animation built in.
Reset breast / boobs position quick button if needed.
Grab one today and be one of the hottest squeezes on the block!

View a Brief video here:

Test it in World Here: