Cherry Bombs 2.0 Massive overhaul update!!

Cherry Bombs 2.0 update release!

This update is HUGE! (Pun intended)
So many updates I will have to do it in a list form.
Here is what is new:

  • Brand new shape, this shape is much larger and smoother than the original
  • BOM Compatible version included! So excited for this one, the power of bakes on mesh is amazing, wait until you try it!
  • New Nipple shape! A much sexier nipple shape, that now works with your underlying skin, no longer needs to have a separate applier, no more alpha edges!
  • Works with mesh bodies! Thats right, now they will blend in with your mesh body, no more ugly shelf required for blending!
    New Seam blending done to work with most mesh bodies. No more seam much more fun!
  • Completely new Dev kit with blender files for anyone to download, that will be updated regularly with new nipples and other things as they become available. this should make clothing and accessory making a piece of cake!
  • Lactation system also updated to fit (Keep your eyes open or simply redeliver yours to get it!)
  • Classic Cherry Bombs breasts also included so that you may still use appliers (Classic version uses the new shape also)
  • Brand new basic nipple rings included

Other changes

Keep in mind that since this is a massive overhaul, existing Clothing/Accessories may not fit the new shape. We will be updating as quickly as we can the existing accessories to fit the new Cherry bombs.
The Lactation system has been updated to fit the new cherry bombs shape, However the Pumps have not!
Keep your eyes peeled for updates!