SqueezeMe Hud Released! Group Discount

Yay finally released,
The SqueezeMe Hud that will finally let you play with your breasts!
A bunch of fun animations!!
It will also work with The Succubus Lactation system!
See it here:

Group members get a 20% discount in the store!
Grab one today!
Second life SLURL to store.
Or grab it on the marketplace!

Happy Squeezing!

Customer GIF thanks to Jacky Mindes of SL:

Model: Jacky Mindes
Model: Jacky Mindes
Model: Jacky Mindes

New Nipples! Valve Nipples!

Need a little lift in your life?
Feel like maybe having someone elses hot air on your breast might give your breasts a lift?
Grab a pair of Breast Valves for Cherry Bombs Fitmesh Breasts!
They come with opened, Closed, Opaque, and Transparent versions!
They also work with many Cherry Bombs nipple rings!
Grab a pair today! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Faire/219/141/23


Cherry Bombs Version 1.01 Released! New Materials System!

After many weeks of non stop scripting work I have finally completed Cherry Bombs Version 1.01!

This HUGE update has many addons that you have been asking for!

New features:

  • Full omega materials compatibility.
  • Specular Maps (Shine or Gloss)
  • Normal Maps (Bumps or pits in skins or clothing)
  • All new appliers that allow skin tinting
  • All new appliers that include the Specular and Normal maps in them.
  • All new appliers that are for spec and normals ONLY so you can create cool specular shine maps.
  • Gloss and Environment Sliders on the HUD
  • Normals Control On/Off on the HUD.
  • All clothing layers support specular and Normals now.
  • Backwards compatible with legacy appliers.
  • Backwards compatible with legacy and NEW material Lola Appliers
  • Backwards compatible with legacy Omega appliers

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed and issue where old legacy appliers would sometimes set the skin to black
  • Fixed an issue where some vendors skin appliers were causing the skin to go completely transparent
  • fixed an issue where Specular would not apply properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Bra and Top swapping not working

Screenie of Specular and Bump on Cherry Bombs v1.01:

HUD Overview:

I hope you all enjoy the Update!

I plan on releasing more things after this update. Keep your eyes peeled!