Cherry Bombs Version 1.01 Released! New Materials System!

After many weeks of non stop scripting work I have finally completed Cherry Bombs Version 1.01!

This HUGE update has many addons that you have been asking for!

New features:

  • Full omega materials compatibility.
  • Specular Maps (Shine or Gloss)
  • Normal Maps (Bumps or pits in skins or clothing)
  • All new appliers that allow skin tinting
  • All new appliers that include the Specular and Normal maps in them.
  • All new appliers that are for spec and normals ONLY so you can create cool specular shine maps.
  • Gloss and Environment Sliders on the HUD
  • Normals Control On/Off on the HUD.
  • All clothing layers support specular and Normals now.
  • Backwards compatible with legacy appliers.
  • Backwards compatible with legacy and NEW material Lola Appliers
  • Backwards compatible with legacy Omega appliers

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed and issue where old legacy appliers would sometimes set the skin to black
  • Fixed an issue where some vendors skin appliers were causing the skin to go completely transparent
  • fixed an issue where Specular would not apply properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Bra and Top swapping not working

Screenie of Specular and Bump on Cherry Bombs v1.01:

HUD Overview:

I hope you all enjoy the Update!

I plan on releasing more things after this update. Keep your eyes peeled!

Small Heart Trinket Nipple Rings

Mira from BluPrintz has done it again with these sharp looking new trinkets!
Heart shaped nipple ring trinkets!
Designed to work with the cherry bombs hud, fitmesh rigged to bounce and move with them.
3 zones to recolor with the HUD for the perfect color that you pick!

Pick up a pair today in world: